When I want to pay for your service?

You have to pay full or partial payment before posting start.

Don’t need to worry about your payments. It is one hundred percent safe and secure with us. If we can’t post your ads we will give you full refund.

What is your payment mode?

We accept payments via PayPal, Alertpay(Payza), Skrill Moneybookers, Bank Transfer. We will add other payment options very soon.

How many ads can you post per day?

We have 30 plus experienced posters so we are capable to handle huge projects.

What does your minimum ad volume per day?

We accept minimum 10 ads per day and maximum 1000+ ads per day.

Do I need to pay for Phone Verified Accounts?

No. No need to pay for phone verified accounts we always use our resource to post your ads.

Do I need to pay for Proxies?

Of course not you don’t need to invest your money for proxies we will use our own proxy solutions to post your ads on classified sites.

What is meant by “Ghosting ad”?

Ghosted ad means the ad posted in classifieds site but it never goes up on live page. Ghosted ads are not visible to users. So we do not charge for Ghosted ads if any ads are ghosted we will repost with new ads for free.

What is meant by “FLAGGING”?

Flagging means that your ads are shown up to users in the website. After some time your ads may remove from the live page because of classifieds update or by your competitors. You are responsible for posts that are flagged however, as we cannot control over 3rd parties or competitors flagging down your ad. We are charging for flagged ads but we can give promise for maximum 1 to 2 hours. If your ads flagged less than 1 hours we won’t charge for that.

Will you post on Holidays?

Yes, our Classifieds posting Services is 24 x 7 (24 hours a day / 7 days a week 365 days a year)

How do I know that my ads are live and not ghosted?

At the end of each day, our classifieds posters will send you an e-mail with a report of live links attached that showing where to go and view your ads. We can share you online spreadsheet with live links for real time tracking (on Demand).

What makes you unique from other providers?

We are giving best support to our clients to improve fast communication and better understanding, recently we introduce new SUPPORT DESK portal to our clients. Here or our team leaders and support agents are fully active they will give best support and solutions for your queries on time.